Digital Storyboarding

To prepare for my second observation as a student librarian at New Canaan High School, I am collaborating with Susan Steidl (English teacher with a senior film and literature class) to create a digital storyboarding lesson. Ms. Steidl’s class just finished watching Psycho, directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Many critics rank Hitchcock as one of the best directors of suspense in cinematic history. Watching the film will show students the many techniques used by Hitchcock to influence the audience’s viewing experience.

After watching Psycho, students will read A Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe and The Lamb to the Slaughter by Roald Dahl. Then students will brainstorm ideas, storyboard, and shoot a minute-long, suspenseful trailer for one of the short stories. The following video describes my experiences working to find technology that would enhance the digital storyboarding lesson.

Digital Storyboarding Technology from Dan Ambrosio on Vimeo.

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